Yoga for Grief is not only a transformative but also a compassionate practice. And this process harnesses its power for both healing and growth. On one hand, these sessions will help you understand the five emotions linked to grief and clarify where you are in your grieving process. 

What can you expect in a yoga for grief session?

To begin with, you will receive support not only through bodywork but also through energy healing. In addition, meditation and breathwork will also be part of the session. Consequently, it will help you overcome the pain of Grief and, in effect, make you feel stronger and happier.

Yoga for Grief, a white flower representing the grieving process


It is essential to realise that Grief is a complex emotional response to loss. When we experience losing someone or something, as a result, this can lead to a profound sense of grief. 

As a matter of fact, grieving is a natural part of healing that ultimately comforts our pain. Therefore, it can come from different things and show itself in many ways. 


Yes! It is essential to realise that people process it differently and at various times. As challenging as it is, there is neither a permanent nor fixed list of valid reasons to grieve; as a result, what matters is how you feel. 

Of course, each grief experience creates a unique mark, as unique as the individual we have lost.  When these feelings go unexpressed, they can affect our bodies.

What experience do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements; however, you are highly recommended to attend the 'Discover Yoga and Meditation' workshop to maximise the benefits of this session.


  1. Firstly, Yoga is an excellent form of self-care during Grief. These sessions offer comfort and guidance, aiming to relieve pain and stress by staying present in the moment (1,2)
  2. Secondly, it is a great way to relieve stress and ease back into physical activity, and you can practice it at home with minimal equipment (3).
  3. Thirdly, Yoga for Grief combines various forms of yoga, movement, and breath techniques to help students process Grief and use it for therapeutic healing. After a significant loss, heart-closing yoga poses aim to help heal a broken heart (4).
  4. Finally, meditation practices guide your mind into the present, are a helpful tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and help healing through Awareness (5).
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