Yoga for Balance is both a holistic and powerful practice. For this reason, it aims to harmonise an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual state. 

Therefore, through physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, this practice seeks, without any reservation, to bring about a sense of equilibrium and tranquillity and, as a result, allow individuals to find inner peace and clarity in daily life. Given these points, achieving a work-life balance is crucial to your well-being, relationships, and productivity.


A healthy work-life balance will allow individuals to excel at work and care for their well-being. For the same reason, our sessions offer alternative strategies to support personal and professional management. In other words, you will gain the skills to navigate everyday demands and challenges with grace and resilience.

Do you feel the pressure of conflicting priorities or trying to keep everyone’s expectations?

You are not alone; in essence, the work-life interface is bidirectional. For instance, work can interfere with private life, and private life can interfere with work. As a result, an imbalance leads to family conflicts, in addition to burnout, along with physical and mental ailments.

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WHAT to expect in a yoga for balance session?

Wellness is Orenna’s raison d’être, and therefore, our unique transformational sessions will guide you on a journey that, without reservations, you will be able to discover the path to balance and stability like no other. 

With this in mind, sessions take an à la carte approach to uncover the wisdom teachings of yoga therapy. You will learn powerful lifestyle optimisation techniques and practical ways to identify your triggers. As a result, you will understand how to empower yourself to cruise the rush hour of life calmly. Suddenly, you can regain balance and experience a deep sense of tranquillity and inner strength without any stress. 

What activities are included in a Yoga for Balance session?

Our instructors will guide you through mindfulness-focused sessions, with unique activities such as Yin yoga and Poi spinning. As a result, in the first place, you will shed inhibitions. Secondly, you will move more fluidly and raise focus. Finally, you will improve physical and cognitive functions and make room for more joy and self-confidence.

What experience do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements; however, you are highly recommended to attend the 'Discover Yoga and Meditation' workshop to maximise the benefits of this session.


  1. Daily yoga encourages self-reflection, helping you evaluate and realign your actions to meet your goals and break free from harmful patterns (1,3).
  2. Practising yoga poses daily can help us understand our physical and mental limitations and explore new strengths and abilities by honouring these limits (2,4,5).
  3. Every yoga pose focuses on increasing an individual's flexibility while rejuvenating the body muscle, therefore keeping a balance (6).
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