Perconal Core Values

Personal Principles

Personal Core values highlight what you believe and stand for. Essentially, these values guide your behaviours, decisions, and actions.
Did you know that you can change your values throughout your life? Indeed, factors such as personality, temperament, and life experiences affect them.

Defining your core values is an essential step towards personal and professional development. You feel particularly grounded and confident when you do things that align with your values.

This workshop will change your life and, most importantly, guide you to make better decisions with your time, career and relationships.

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Identifying your values is a profound journey that requires deep self-reflection and unwavering self-honesty. Unlike other sessions, it’s quite a challenging process, but rest assured, our experienced and, most importantly, certified mindfulness coach will guide you every step of the way.
Through this session, our coach will provide you with all the necessary information and a group of activities that will support you towards identifying your true centre.
After rediscovering your values, you can develop personal statements that resonate with you. And even further, you can draw up an action plan to honour them. Consequently, you can take better control of your life’s direction.


As mentioned above, the principles that guide our actions, decisions, and behaviour in different areas of our lives are our personal core values. 

When our core values are unclear, we default to society’s collective values. In consequence, this leads us towards the development of mental conditions such as mood conditions and low self-esteem. Furthermore, it can lead to developing addictive behaviours and also to struggle to meet our actual goals and desires.

Your values form a significant part of your identity; in any case, you can use them to make genuinely informed decisions about how to lead and live your life. In other words, focusing on what truly matters to you will help you live in alignment with your standards and not others.



Mindfulness is an internal resource we all have; when accessed, it helps us transform our relationships with ourselves and our environment. 
Therefore, increasing self-awareness will give you a better sense of yourself, as well as your skills and abilities. In other words, mindfulness is critical to identify thinking patterns and, with it, uncover your core values.

How can you briefly map out your personal core values?

It is essential to recognise that specific core values may change over time. In the first step, start by identifying what truly matters to you.
Secondly, take a moment to pinpoint the core values that truly speak to you. Thirdly, narrow down your list to the five most essential core values.
Then, explore and break down your core values into specific, actionable values that drive your everyday actions and decisions. Finally, embrace the power of setting goals that genuinely matter to you.

What experience do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements for this workshop. If you are interested in personal development, self-leadership, and spiritual growth, this workshop is for you.


Firstly, understanding our values provides a solid foundation during difficult times and crucial decisions (1).
Secondly, our values can empower us to live a fulfilling life with authenticity and purpose (2).
Thirdly, the foundation of a thriving relationship lies in shared core values (3,4).
Lastly, understanding your values empowers you to choose a career that aligns with your aspirations confidently (5)
Moreover, it equips you with the tools to make informed decisions at work, and if you decide to transition to a new role, you can do so seamlessly (6)
Finally, your core values reflect your leadership effectiveness. In other words, your values are like a compass, guiding your decisions and actions while shaping the culture of your team (6,7,8).

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